Are You Losing Placements Because People Can’t Find You?

Can people find you when they search for your home on Google? Or do they only see an endless list of referral companies and directory websites.

Over the past few years Google has really been making a push to promote local businesses in their search results. In April of 2010, Google introduced Google Places. Google Places helps local companies get found when searched in Google.  As of today 43% of all Google searches are local or location based and 50% of all mobile searches on Google are local or location based.  In addition, many people use Google to find a business they already know about.

So what happens when somebody searches for your home? Hopefully people will see something like the search below.  When people look for We Know A Place in any of the cities our offices are located in, they will find our Google Places listing.

 Check out what happens when  you Search for “We Know A Place Santa Fe Springs” In Google:

You will notice that our listing takes up the entire right side of the Google Search Page and we also have the top listing.  This is what we like to call DOMINATION! There are no ads or pesky competitors to worry about.

You will notice that our Google Places listing (highlighted in blue) has photos, a map, our address, our phone number, operating hours, reviews and even a get directions button. So in many ways people have everything they need to contact us without even clicking through to our website.

So if you are wondering how do you set up your local Google Places listing, then listen up.  Setting up your Google Places account is actually not that difficult.  It usually requires about 30 minutes of your time initially and a few minutes of your time every month to make updates and changes to your listing.  However, if you are like most care home owners you are probably extremely busy.

For those overly worked care home owners, there is actually even an easier solution.  For only $2.95 a month We Know A Place will set up your Google Places listing and manage it on a monthly basis. You will not have to worry about setting things up properly or maintaining your listing every month. We do all the work for you.  In fact, the entire process only takes about 5 minutes of  your time.|

If you would like to help setting up your Google Places listing then give us a call at  (800) 372-9064 or visit




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