Care Portal Updates !

Ever since we started having listings on our site we have had some customers who love the service and have saved literally thousands of dollars by having a listing instead of just a referral contract, and those who if they aren’t getting 15 leads a day aren’t satisified and feel like we aren’t offering enough value with our listing. Well we decided that even though we KNOW our listings provide a tremendous amount of value as you can see from our analytics below.  Our traffic from people searching for elder care homes has gone up signifigantly, and the search engines are LOVING our site as you can see !



We teamed up with a company called infoGIANT and had them build out a whole host of new features for our care portal. Now not only are you able to manage your listing through CarePortal.WeKnowAPlace.Com, but now we have given you tools where you can manage your home.

Here are some of the cool features

  • Track Room Availablitly
  • Track Residents
  • Keep Track of CareGivers
  • Maintin Your Waiting list

Wait there is more

In an effort to not only add value by giving you the ability to keep track of information about your home. We also are making our portal link directly up with our new Family Portal. Now instead of families just searching on our site they are created a custom portal where they can favorite your home, and send you a messsage directly. We also have the ability to suggest your home, and all of this is tracked in your new Care Portal

Want a sneak peak at the new features and functionality that we are publishing in the upcoming weeks? Well here you go !

Here is your home page where you get an overview of all of the homes you own/manage. You can see your Occupancy Rate … Your total exected Rent… And how much $$$ your missing out on because you have an empty room. Great Information  ! You can also see the recent activity on your homes. This includes suggestions from our Senior Care Advisors to a family about your home, Whenever someone favorites one of your homes, When someone is searching for a home in one of your Coverage Areas, and When you have sent or recieved a message from a family !



This is where you can see Information specific to a home you manage. While the home page gives you an overall view of ALL the homes you manage this will show you exactly how a certain home is doing, as well as infomation on its Rooms, Residents, and Caregivers.



You can track Residents and which Homes and Rooms they are living in.




You can also Keep track of which care givers are working at which homes.






And which rooms are occupied and unoccupied




and Now you have a place where you can manage your waiting lists without having to always track down a pad and paper or keeping it in excel !





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