“I’m Not Ready to Move In Yet”

Just how often have you heard this from people contemplating a senior care home? It’s likely to be the number-one phrase that residents voice after visiting a senior living facility, retirement community or assisted living home.

As a salesperson, you occasionally must laugh after the appointment… The extremely comic part is a great amount of the folks saying, “I’m Not Ready to Move In Yet!” can hardly live in their own community/home. They’re shuffling with walkers, wheelchairs, and canes  and might not manage to visit the whole community before getting exhausted.

So how are we supposed to sell something to somebody who urgently needs it? First off, we mus butt heads with them. Don’t argue! Quit trying to convince them into it! Once you have brought someone’s resistance up, you are in a losing battle. Objections are one of two issues. Either something we failed to go over during the time spent on the tour and shared with them or they simply just need more trust and information.  If you wait until the end of their meeting to cover objections, then you are battling the possible resident and creating a high-stress sales experience by having to cover the bombarded questions.  You can cover objections before they become an objection by using examples of past tour experiences.  It’s the “buddy approach” and it’s very powerful.

Share a recent story of a resident who wasn’t ready however, they relocated into your neighborhood at his children’s insistence or a different purpose. He or she had dropped several occasions and they were worried that despite an emergency pendant or wrist alarm in their house, they may be unable to push it and might be on the ground for many days before anybody arrives to assist. It offers them reassurance to understand we have a strategy set up to look after practically any circumstances within our home. You may want to introduce them to that resident.

The possible resident could become angry at you for discussing this personal story/experience! It’s a real narrative and one which the prospective resident and their family must consider when they go home, since they’re not ready yet…However the moment they hear a story like this from another or on the local news station, who do you think will be the fist ones on their mind? Should you keep calling on a month-to-month basis, they could unexpectedly turned into one of the hottest leads.

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