Marketing an Older Senior Living Property

Marketing an Older PropertyIs your retirement home in this category? Then you are in one of these situations – either your owners have renovated in the last few years or so, or everything in your senior living property is old.

In case your retirement home owners have recently renovated AND have new furnishings – you can skip this article! It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to show prospective senior residents the quality of the organization by how well the construction is kept up.

1) A Recently Updated 20 Year Old Senior Living Home?

Yes you might have a small neighborhood space or smaller home than your newer senior living competition, but your competitor may have a huge amount of debt from funding the renovations from the last few years.

2) First Furnishings and Tired Looking Senior Living Community?

When new potential residents come to check out your facility, do you always avoid the Sea-Foam Green carpeting which has multiple stained spots in the main living area? Are the sofas covered with throws, due to the stains? This really is a sales person nightmare. Exactly what are you thinking?

You got two hopes or choices, in our opinion. The top defense is frequently a powerful offense. So that you have a selection, you should determine if the cosmetic/aesthetic look of the community is the most important to you or if it’s more critical to you in how your residents will be treated and looked after in the coming months and years

What would you decide if you’re comparing two assisted living neighborhoods? Remember to think and convey things as a client. Most adult children want their parents to stay in a loved community. Shallow folks will just consider looks. Educate the clients and allow them to understand that care is the most significant and they’ll perhaps look beyond the carpet and furniture.

In case your senior living home has bad care AND appears outdated and old, simply quit… or there needs to be some redeeming quality you must emphasize. Become the senior living specialist in your home, understand your competitors, accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

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