Showcasing your Retirement Community

0015While at the Los Angeles International Airport, a jeweler had some beautiful pieces in the display window. But to my dismay and surprise, there was dust on the bracelets and cobwebs in the corner of the display. I chose not to even walk in to look further…. but I had to look and inspect the other display out of curiosity and sure enough, it was similar to the other….overlooked by the employees. Why would anyone showcase dusty items?

How are you showcasing your retirement community or care home? How is your business phone being answered? Is it answered within a ring or two? When new guests arrive at your community how are they greeted? Does the receptionist stand to greet them? Are guests offered water on warm days and coffee on cold days?

Are first impressions a priority for your organization? Or is everything good enough? Is your 65% to 75% occupancy good enough? What would it take to go to 95% or 100%? How are you identifying yourself from your opponents and competitors in the area? Is everyone in the neighborhood ┬ájust getting by and just good enough? Why not stand out of the senior housing pack and go above and beyond? How about exceeding guests’ expectations?

What does it take to give a WOW experience? It is sometimes only a 5% to 10% difference, but it takes a complete team approach! Some communities are making changes and watching the occupancy grow! What is making the difference? Listed below are some things to think about to help you along the way to getting to 100% occupancy!

  1. When you pull in the driveway of your business, view and approach the home through the eyes of the client on a normal basis.
  2. Have someone you can trust to give you an honest opinion mystery shop your community to find out how guests are greeted by phone and in person.
  3. Be certain to always offer refreshments to guests.
  4. Uncover what the prospect’s needs are and why they came today and be sure to listen completely.
  5. Ask open ended questions to discover what their wants and desires are.
  6. Value their opinion.
  7. Encourage them to join you on a tour tailored to their needs and desires.
  8. Make sure very staff member they encounter has a welcoming smiling on them.
  9. Introduce prospective residents to key staff members.
  10. Check in with them to see if what it is that you are showing them addresses their needs and when they can envision themselves or their family member living in your senior living community.
  11. Request for the deposit and determine next steps…without being pushy let them know the spot might get filled…it is in their best interest to surely have a plan for his or her future, so the kids won’t have to put them some place in a disaster situation.

Your senior living community has a choice to be the best in the area but it is up to you. First impressions are important so are they going to be great or merely good enough? It is up to you. Make sure your community is a shining diamond and not a dusty bracelet.

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