Take Control of Your Placements Once And For All and Stop Wasting Money!

If you’re in the senior care and assisted living business with your own facility, you probably are very well aware of the ups and downs that is the flow of receiving placements. This blog is intended to fill you in on how to take control of your placements once and for all, and save money while doing it.

As with many processes, there are always the pay methods to consider when trying to build your lead network to ensure that you’ll always have a constant flow of placements now and in the future. However, there are other ways that many care facilities and nursing homes often bypass completely, which could be harming not only their income, but also their monthly spending budgets.
Together, let’s take a look at how to make your elder care facility information easily available to the right audience, as well as ensure that you always have as few vacancies as possible.

 1. Trading Places


As human nature goes, it’s often very easy to see things from one side, but when it comes to elder care it’s important to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Stepping outside of the business perspective helps broaden our understanding of the needs of the families seeking care for their loved ones. This also allows us to ask ourselves a very important question: What is the process a family takes to find a care facility and how can that process help me get placements?

Rather than waiting around for prospective clients (which as we know, isn’t always a consistent process), why not take the initiative and be there every step of the way? Below are some of the top questions families ask themselves and each other at the very beginning of the search for an elder care or assisted living program. How can this insight benefit you?

Determinant Questions

  • A) Where is the loved one currently residing and what is prompting the move?
  • B) What kind of budget is available to work with?
  • C) What type of care does the loved one need and for how long?

These questions, as common as they are, are very helpful – each in their own way. How? Let’s take a look!

  • A) Knowing where the elderly loved one currently resides and understanding their need for a relocation or placement presents you the opportunity to really hone in on all of the possibilities and become experts in that particular area. Being well informed of the many different situations that arise allows you to empathize with that family and offer them a smooth transition.
  • B) Knowing the various spending budgets of families is helpful because it allows you to take a look at the care options you offer. Whether money isn’t an issue, or they’re paying with Medicaid, having different pricing and care plans available invites flexibility from the searching families. If you currently offer only one type of care, consider offering short term and long term. This will ensure that you are willing and able to receive placements of all sorts, instead of just waiting for the right type of client.
  • C) As each family’s need is a case-by-case scenario, it’s crucial to your business to offer as many different types of care as you can. Although this may seem like money going out, more importantly it means more clients coming in.

2. Become Part of A Referral Network

Linking up with a referral network company, such as We Know A Place, is a guarantee that you have qualified experts working around the clock to find residents for your home. This is done in the following ways:

  • Focus on clients that meet your criteria (e.g. budget and care needs)
  • Promote dependability (after all, your company is back by a well-known referral network!)
  • Almost all leads generated in your area will go to you

To sum it up, a referral network provides relevance, quality and authenticity on a level unobtainable any other way.

3. Have An Online Presence

One of the most commonly overlooked or underestimated methods of driving traffic to your business and, without a doubt, opening the door for placements, is being active online. What does this mean and how will it benefit you?

Yes, most would agree that computers and communication technology is a challenging subject, and just the thought of it turns people off to the idea as a whole, but it may be time for a change. Having social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ opens an entirely new door of opportunity.

Doing this allows you to stay up-to-date with news of the elderly and elder care community as well as keep up with local competitors – but it gets better. Your online presence offers the chance to connect directly with the families that you are working with. Having a one-on-one relationship, keeping in touch and providing updates creates a connecting between you and your clients that is stronger than ever. This benefits you now and also leaves chance for recurring business or referrals from past clients.

On the other hand, having social accounts means that you now have a platform to showcase your home, ads, offers and vacancies to the public at – wait for it – no cost at all!

People will be able to easily search for you, find you and even contact you. Think of what you might be missing out on!


Using any one of these tools enough will surely bring in potential clients. Using all three is a money-saving powerhouse-way to take control of your placements once and for all by knowing that you’re covering all your bases, exhausting all of your options, keeping an open mind and staying current in today’s competitive world. And look, you didn’t spend a penny!

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