Update: How You Can Affect Where Your Home Appears In The Search Results!

As you probably have seen, we have been making a lot of improvements to our sites lately.  One that we are really excited about helps both families searching on WeKnowAPlace.com as well as helps you influence your listings ranking in the search results.

We decided to make one of the factors in our search algorithm the “Last Updated” time on your Care Home. This means that when you log into your Care Portal and make updates or verify that your information is current, it will help move you toward the front of the local search results!

We decided to make this change because now that you are able to update information about individual rooms in your home – including pricing, availability, and features – we thought, “Well, the homes that have been updated the most recently are the most likely to have the most accurate and up-to-date information in them.” This will allow the thousands of families searching on WeKnowAPlace.com each month to be able to have the most accurate, and up-to-date information as possible.

We also hope this will help motivate our Care Partners to log into their care portal, keep their information up to date, and start interacting with families who are searching in their area. If you have any questions about this functionality or how to get the most out of your listing feel free to call us and we will go over it with you.


Adam Zeffer | CTO

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